Recap: Dazzling Array of Arts at Coronation/40 Year

Caid’s Coronation and 40 year celebration took place two weeks ago, and it was awe inspiring. We saw the peaceful transition of rulers at a history making Coronation, the creation of two new awards, a mind-blowing display of Caidan History, a memorial that brought many to tears…and the arts…so many arts. The event boasted a plethora of arts, including a Cook’s camp, a Queens Arts and Sciences Display, a Dirty Dozen Derby, and an Artisan’s Village.

Her Royal Majesty’s Arts and Sciences Display 

Her Majesty Tsyra requested an arts and sciences display exhibiting works that kindled memories of a first event.  THLady Sophia de la Roche stepped up and coordinated the display in honor of Her Royal Majesty.

Dirty Dozen Derby for TRM’s

A Dirty Dozen Derby has become a tradition here at Caidan Coronations.  The goals is to collect largess for the incoming Majesties to use during their reign.  Thanks to Lady Hawke Quinn for stepping up to the plate and organizing the derby this time around, and thanks to all those who helped her.  Entrants include Kazetani Kiyatora, Lady Elizabeth Upton, Charlie, Master Hroar, Scallagrim Ulfheann, Mistress Gorandoohkt Mamigonian, Don Avenel Kellough, Megan, Baroness Brianna McCabe, Lady Maile Fergusson, Ylaria, and Murienn

Dirty Dozen Photo Gallery

Gildehaus Platz: Artisan Village

The Gildehaus Platz created an artisan village with a range of arts and sciences being demonstrated. It was like being transported back in time to a medieval marketplace.  From Brewing, to metal casting, and

herbalism, many arts and sciences were represented by artisans who set up stalls to demonstrate their arts and sciences.

It was a huge endeavor, and it definitely takes a village to make a village. Following is a list of the stalls that braved the heat to set up awe-inspiring stalls and guild houses, and the list of scadians that assisted them in some way.

Alchemical Romance headed up by Lady Batu Sechen Tsagaajin

Caidan Dyeworks headed up by Mistress Maeve Douglass with assistance from THL Mariam Albarran and Mistress Aldgytha; Lord Redg the Leatherseller- THL Theo van der Zee, Lady Elizabeth Upton and Mistress Czina Angielczyka (of Ansteorra) also helped with clean-up. Baron Ursul built our cooking box and Theo built our dyeing frame. Mistress Adelheit and Mistress Colette set up the additional shade.

Caidan Glassworks headed up by Mistress Thea Gabrielle Northernridge with assistance from Master Thomas Brownwell

Caimbeul’s Historical Combat Salle headed up by Maestro Lot Ramriez and Lady Zhivana Igorevna, Maestro Diego de Palma, and Donna Mora Ottavia Spadera.  Resources and teaching assistance: Bachille Marcos de la Cruz, Maestro Konrad Faust Tyndel, THL Rhydderch Derwen, Lord Edmund Barlowe, and Maestro Giacomo Cavali da Treviso.

Companye of St. Luke’s Standard headed up by Mistress Rebecca Robinson with assistance from Baron Sir Philip Williams of Aston, Countess Luciana Maria Novella di Carlo, and Baroness Æsa Geiradóttir Bláskeggs.

Das Freie Fähnlein headed by Mistress Whilja with assistance fromJördis Wägner von Falkenau, Lady Alice Upton, Lady Walpurga, Mistress Adelheit, THLady Finna the Weaver and Baroness Kale al-Raqqasa

De Meda-Cheese headed up by Messier Giuseppe with assistance from Master Giles Hill of Sweetwater

Griffin Dyeworks and Fiber Arts headed up by THlady Mariam Albarran with assistance from THL Todde mac Donnell, Bachille Marcos de la Cruz, Lady Zhivana Igorevna, and Maestro Lot Ramirez with their muscles and knowledge, with extra thanks to Mistress Gorandookht Mamigonian, Dame Eilidh Swann, and Dame Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios for teaching their various arts.

Gyldenforge headed up by Brent Rudmann with assistance from Baron Eadwynne of Runedun, THLady Rekon of Sareema, Baron Master Hrodr-Navar Hakonsson,Mistress Thea Gabrielle Northernridge, and Lady Elizabeth Upton

Right Noble Brewers guild headed up by Yngvildr in írska, with assistance from Madelena de la Gate, Hashimoto Higenshi no Yamato, Jarmarr Randviðsson, Master Timotheus Zacharia, Ouregen filia Flavioui, Ingilborg Sigmundardottir, Elyna de Montfort, Aran Darkhelm, and Thorbjorn, and Lynnette de Sandoval. It was a huge team effort and everyone did a wonderful job!

Scriptorium Headed up by Lady Valeria with teaching assistance from Master Thomas, and set up and tear down asssistance from Gabriello de Arexio, THLord Charles Joiner, and Mistress Adelheit

Svetlitsa headed up by Mistress Liudmilla with help from THLady Finna the Weaver and Baroness Kale al-Raqqasa

Artisans who set up mobile locations included THLord Charles Joiner demonstrating woodworking, Lady Elizabeth Upton demonstrating etching, Mistress Gorandookht Mamigonian, Dame Eilidh Swann demonstrating weaving and spinning.

Gildehaus Platz Gallery

Cooks Camp

The cooks of Caid put on an impressive display at their “Cooks Camp.” Boasting an impressive setup of working outdoor period cooking set up, not only did they present opportunities for learning through doing, they also

cooked food for the entire event!  Standing there and sampling the impressive array of foodstuffs, it became quite clear that period food is yummy!

None of this would be possible without the Caidan cooks who chopped, stuffed, and stood over the hot flames in the heat.  Thanks to all those who participated.  Thank you Mistress Claudia Prima for your vision and work at coordinating this feat, and thank you to all those who helped: Baroness Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh, Baron Domhnall Mac Pharlain, Baroness Selene Colfox, Mistress Asakura Machime, Mistress Renata Kestryll of Highwinds, Lady Elisheva bat Yisrael, Mistress Colette de Montpellier, Lady Betsabea da Venezia, Gabriello de Alexia, Baroness Seraphina Arlotto,  Master Alesone Gray of Cranlegh, and a slew of helpers who schlepped water, trash, kept them hydrated, and tasted their offerings!

Cooks Camp Gallery


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