Blåtand Artisan Challenge of Caid

Event Date: April 25, 2020
Registration Deadline: April 11
Entry submission Deadline: April 20

Populace online Voting: April 26

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The Blåtand Artisan Challenge of Caid, a multi layer challenge created in response to the need for social distancing during the Covid-19 Pandemic, will be held online on April 25, 2020. Blåtand references the 10th century Norse King Haraldr Blåtand (Bluetooth) Gormsen, known for uniting the Danish tribes into one Kingdom, and for whom bluetooth technology was named.  Much like bluetooth technology connects devices, this challenge is a means to connect artisans and the kingdom at a time when we cannot connect in person.  

Created as an alternative venue to replace the cancelled arts and sciences competitions and displays, and provide a much needed opportunity for Caidan artisans to display their work, and receive feedback, this is an event that will take place completely online.  

All artisans of Caid are invited to enter and share their work by submitting a digital display of their work finished during the pandemic.  Their work will be shared via the Blåtand Artisan Showcase on the Kingdom of Caid Arts and Sciences website. Entrants will also be given the opportunity to receive feedback, and/or enter competition if they choose.

For those who choose, video conferences between subject matter experts will be scheduled where the entrant will present their item, research, and process.  The entry will then be discussed privately, and written feedback will be provided. Those items entered in the competition will then be scored at this time.

The five highest scoring entries into the competition will be presented to the populace of Caid.  The populace will then vote for their favorite. The entry with the highest number of votes will be the competition winner and be declared the Blåtand Artisan of Caid.