Blåtand Artisan Challenge Rules

  • The entrant has a choice of entering at 3 different levels;

     1. Artisan Showcase: The entrant will provide photos of the entry that will be displayed in a gallery on the Kingdom of Caid Arts and Sciences Website.  
     2. Showcase with Feedback: The entrant may choose to display the item, as well as participate in a Q&A conference with subject matter experts.  
     3. Showcase and Competition: The entrant will display in the showcase, as well as participate in a Q&A conference with subject matter experts, and be scored in the competition.

  • The Challenge is open to all who regularly participate in SCA activities of the Kingdom of Caid. SCA membership is not required.
  • Entries must be historically-based and associated with a pre-1650 culture.
  • Entries must have been completed between Feb 1 and the current Blåtand Artisan Challenge date.
  • Entrants must have their display submitted by the deadline listed in the event announcement.
  • Each entrant may submit one, two, or three entries from the published Category List. 
  • Minimal documentation is required.  Entrants are required to complete the basic documentation worksheet.  (Additional documentation beyond/in lieu of the worksheet basics is welcome and can be considered for bonus points in the competition.)
  • Entries must be worked on only by the entrant (although guidance from others is completely acceptable). This is not a team competition.
  • Entries must be finished items, not works-in-progress. 
  • All registration, submission, and set up deadlines must be met for the entry to be displayed and/or scheduled for feedback and scoring.
  • All entrants must have a model release form, and a photographer release form completed with their entry. 
  • Categories are as follows: Please refer to this list for additional descriptions of the categories. 
    **Unfortunately, due to the online nature of this competition, items that require the ability to taste, smell in order to sufficiently score the item will not be allowed.  
         Static Item
               Armor and Weaponry
               Fiber and Clothing
              Dramatic Interpretation
              Dramatic Reading
              Persona Presentation
              Instrumental Composition
              Vocal composition
              How to Paper
              Research Paper
              Informational Paper
        Video Presentation
              Documentary/Informational Video
              How To Video
  • Feedback and Competition Entrants must be on time for their scheduled performance or Q&A with the judges. Entrants may have a mentor with them for moral support during the Q&A conference
  • Feedback and Competition Entries will be reviewed in two stages:
         Stage 1: Online Q&A with the entrant, when the entrant will chat with the subject matter experts on a video conference.  The entrant will have an opportunity to present the item, and describe what it is how they made it, etc. The experts will be able to ask questions of the entrant at this time.  Each conference will be allotted a 15 minute time frame.  
         Stage 2: The subject matter experts will then break out into a team conference without the entrant.  They will discuss the presentation, the object, and the process. Feedback will be recorded on the feedback sheet.  If entered in the competition, the entry will be scored. The feedback and scoring sheet will then be electronically submitted to the competition steward.
  • Entrants into the feedback and competition portion must be a resident of Caid
  • Scoring will be based on the Blåtand Artisan competition feedback and scoring sheet.  We will be using a simplified version of the Kingdom judging sheets. These will be available shortly.
  • Competition Entries will be judged against a 100 point ideal plus the option for up to five bonus points. Based on the score, entries will earn the following recognition:
          50-55 points: Silver Apprentice
          56-60 points: Gold Apprentice
          61-69 points: Bronze Journeyman
          70-75 points: Silver Journeyman
          76-80 points: Gold Journeyman
          81-89 points: Bronze Artisan
          90-95 points: Silver Artisan
          96-100 points: Gold Artisan
          101-105 points: Premier Artisan
  • The five highest scoring entries will be presented to the populace of Caid.  The populace will then vote for their favorite. The entry with the highest number of votes will be the competition winner and be declared the Blåtand Artisan of Caid.  

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