Crescent Artisan Rules

For questions about how the rules are being interpreted for the current year’s competition, contact the current competition steward.

  1. The Crescent Artisan Competition is open to all who regularly participate in SCA activities of the Kingdom of Caid. SCA membership is not required.
  2. Entrants must be in garb, have a site token, be checked in, and have their display set up by the deadline listed in the event announcement. Competitors must be on time for their scheduled performance or Q&A with the judges.
  3. Each competitor may submit one entry from the published Category List.
    • Entries must be historically-based and associated with a pre-1650 European culture.
    • Entries must be worked on only by the entrant (although guidance from others is completely acceptable). This is not a team competition.
    • Entries must be finished items, not works-in-progress. Entries must have been completed between the last Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon and current Crescent Artisan competition.
    • All registration, documentation submission, and set up deadlines must be met for the entry to be judged.
  4. Documentation is required.
    • Three typewritten copies of documentation is required with each entry.
  5. Entries will be judged in three stages:
    • Documentation review
    • Q&A with entrant
    • Judging team conference
  6. Entrants do not need to designate the item’s level (Apprentice, Journeyman, Artisan) at the time of the entry.  Entries will be judged against a 100 point ideal plus the option for up to five bonus points. Based on the score, entries will earn the following recognitions:
    • 50-55 points: Silver Apprentice
    • 56-60 points: Gold Apprentice
    • 61-69 points: Bronze Journeyman
    • 70-75 points: Silver Journeyman
    • 76-80 points: Gold Journeyman
    • 81-89 points: Bronze Artisan
    • 90-95 points: Silver Artisan
    • 96-100 points: Gold Artisan
    • 101-105 points: Premier Artisan
  7. The entrant with the highest score will be the Crescent Artisan until the next Crescent Artisan competition.
    • In the event of a tie, a team of Laurels (selected by the Competition Steward after consultation with the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Office) will review the entries and determine a winner. Performance entries will be recorded so the performance can be reviewed in the event of a tie.