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The Crescent Artisan Competition will take place every other year, opposite of the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon.  The competition will showcase one focused entry from each competitor. In addition to written documentation, each entrant will meet with the judges to answer questions and talk about the project in more detail. This is not a team competition, but a way to focus on individuals and their artistic skills.

Judges score each entry in relation to a 100-point ideal – the most culturally authentic and highest form of workmanship. The judging sheets are designed to recognize and reward research that has led to historical and artistic accuracy. Entrants are not competing against each other at this point in the competition. Judges aren’t looking at the level at which the entry was entered. They’re determining a numerical score that shows where the entry did – and did not – meet the ideal standard.

The first Crescent Artisan Competition ran in 2018 and is scheduled for 2020 for the next one! 

Crescent Artisan 2018 Event Information

Crescent Artisan Rules

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