Defender of the Arts Tournament

each year a new Heavies and Rapier champion will be chosen to be the Defender of the Arts for that year.  Lists will be held in conjunction with Crescent Artisan and Pentathlon.

The Crescent Artisan Arts & Sciences Competition includes an in-person Q&A with the judges. Due to the logistics of trying to schedule the Q&A around a fighter’s tournament schedule, we are unable to have a fighter enter both Crescent Artisan Competition and Defender of the Arts Tournament.

To qualify for the tournament, combatants must present an A&S item.
  • Items must be finished items, not works-in-progress.
  • Documentation is welcome but not required.
  • A&S entry does not need to be a physical item – culinary entries and performance pieces are welcome.
  • After showing his/her item, each combatant will be given a qualification slip to give to Lists.
  • While we support armor making as an art form, armor repairs will not count as an A&S submission.  
The following A&S submission opportunities will qualify:
  • Item submitted for extra life at Unbelted (January, 2018)
  • Display or performance at Festival of the Rose (February, 2018)
  • Item displayed at Crescent Artisan/Defender of the Arts

Fighters who chose to bring their item to the tournament will be able to qualify Friday evening or Saturday morning. Exact times will be posted closer to the event.

Helpful links:

Caid A&S Category List (for art form ideas)

Crescent Artisan Competition Rules  

Questions? Please contact Mistress Caterucia