Welcome to Pentathlon

The Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon, Caid’s premier arts and sciences event, occurs every other year. Its primary objectives are to give the artisans of the kingdom an opportunity to learn more about different arts and sciences and to demonstrate their skills. For further information, contact the Competition Steward or the Kingdom A&S Competition Deputy.

Tourney Foods Table at Pentathlon 2001.  Photo by Ayllyth Piobaire. http://pentathlon.sca-caid.org/pentathlon/

Welcome to the Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon! Taking part in this judged competition is extremely rewarding and a lot of fun. The purpose of the event is to provide expert feedback that encourages and inspires everyone involved to continue the research and experimentation that allows the creation of historically and artistically accurate items, performances, and compositional pieces related to a pre-1650 culture.

The event encompasses several parts: the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair, Individual Pentathlon, Team Pentathlon, a Display, and a People’s Choice competition. All entries will be judged as part of the Arts & Sciences fair. Individual Entrants and Teams who enter enough items in an appropriate breadth of categories are also eligible to take part in Pentathlon. All entries are scored and given feedback during the judging session on Saturday. When the judging has been completed, the scores will be tabulated and placements assigned. All items entered will be available for the populace to view on Sunday, where they will also be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite item for the People’s choice Competition.

Paul Fitz Denis wins Caid Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon 2017! photo by Meave Douglass

An entrant in Individual Pentathlon must submit at least five entries spanning at least four categories.

Those categories are as follows:
Armor & Weaponry
Fiber and Clothing

The entrant may choose to enter only four of the above categories, with the fifth entry being a second item in a category already entered. No entrant, however, may enter more than 10 items total and no entrant may enter more than two items per subcategory. Pentathlon scores are based on the entrant’s five highest Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair scores spanning at least four categories. Entries by Individual Pentathlon Entrants remain eligible to compete for placements within subcategories in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair as well.

Judges score each entry in relation to a 100-point ideal – the most culturally authentic and highest form of workmanship. The judging sheets are designed to recognize and reward research that has led to historical and artistic accuracy. Entrants are not competing against each other at this point in the competition. Judges aren’t looking at the level at which the entry was entered. They’re determining a numerical score that shows where the entry did – and did not – meet the ideal standard.

Pentathlon Rules
Categories and Judging sheets
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