Laurel Art Challenge June 2019

Please RSVP to with which challenges you will be participating in.

When: Sunday, June 9th. at Collegium Caidis

Where: The Barony of the Angels (exact location forthcoming)

What: Laurels will issue a challenge in an area of their expertise and/or interest, wherein anyone may answer any challenge and all successful challengers will receive a prize from the sponsoring Laurel.

  • No judging, no scores, no overall winners.
  • Documentation may be needed for specific challenges.
  • Items should have been completed within the past year.
  • If you wish, there will be an opportunity to discuss your work with the sponsoring Laurel.
  • Laurel challenges are defined by each sponsoring Laurel. If you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll find an answer.

Please direct any questions you might have to
FB Event Page

The Challenges:

Inspiring Illumination

Sponsor: Aliskye Rosel

Challenge: Paint an illumination based on an actual page, manuscript or specific pre-17th Century style, but pick a style or technique that you’ve never used before. If you’ve never done a Gottingen Model Book style scroll or Italian White Vine or a puzzle letter, give that a try. Or try doing gold leaf, or diapering or pen work in your piece. Please bring a copy of your inspiration as well as the source (date and location). Additional documentation is optional.

Breaking New Ground
Sponsor: Asakura Machime

Challenge: Do a period clay object pre-17th century from a culture or time period or clay technique you have not already done before. Document why this is new to you (explain briefly what forms/cultures/techniques you’ve done) and what you learned.

Heraldry in Ceramic Form
Sponsor: Asakura Machime

Challenge: Represent heraldry in clay. Can be functional or not, but should have a period example as your inspiration. The heraldry can be included or represented either two dimensional or three dimensional. Can be thrown, hand built, or even tiles.

Caitlin Loves a Scary Story
Sponsor: Caitlin Wintour

Challenge: Tell me a period story or monologue that is scary, eerie, or just plain weird. Bring a note telling me where it came from, and 10 minutes maximum. Please be sure to RSVP to the email above so a time can be scheduled.

Mistress Mary isn’t a bit Contrary about Poetry
Sponsor: Mary Dedwydd verch Gwalter

Write a poem in period form or style on any subject & let’s talk it through. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced poet or if poetry is new for you, just give it a try.  Consider an easier starting form like a rondel or a triolet.  Bring your inspiration piece or notes on the period form that you are modeling. If you need a starting point for poetic forms, this List of 100 Poetic Forms is useful.